Monday, April 19, 2010

Inside the Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool design center

I wonder if Robin had the same feeling the first time he was allowed into the bat-cave? There is the mystery, intrigue and honestly, your eyes have just so much to take in, you just don’t know where to look, or what to focus on. I had a similar unique opportunity. I was allowed in the bat-cave better known as the Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool design center. There was no red or blue pill to choose from like Neo in the Matrix, just awe at every corner and I happily jumped in. Pictures in the slide-show will prove it.

Being invited into the epicenter of any well-known designer is a treat; to have the ladies at Amsale invite me is an honor. We all know the finished product but what does it really take to create the your dream bridal dress? Why does it take so long? What does it look like before you see the final dress? Step this way for your own look.

For Amsale, a gown is based on the woman who is wearing it. It’s asking the first question, what type of bride are you “Amsale” “Christos” or “Kenneth Pool”? Once you’ve figured that out, the fun begins. There are just so many to choose from, but each collection is very distinct. Just as an aside, when I visited, there was a Christmas tree decorated with miniature bridal gowns. Don’t think because they were miniature there wasn’t the same love and attention to detail in them because there was. Who knows, you may see this in the showroom next year for sale.

Sketch + Create + Cut + Inspect = Happy bride. A happy bride = a happy Amsale and team.

This is a part of the formula that has worked for Amsale from the beginning and still viable today. Every pattern is a single pattern – created with one cut. When you decide to purchase an Amsale dress, you are fitted for a pattern that is then created according to your unique shape and size. How do they do this and not keep you waiting a year? Your measurements are put into a computer program and your own personal one-of-a-kind pattern is cut. It’s you on paper and you look marvelous!

They then drape material (silk, satin, what ever your dress is made of) on these manikins that you would see on a 1950’s movie. They are very well worn but are more natural in shape than some of the manikins that are used today. If these could talk I wonder how many thousands of brides dream dress they’ve helped take shape?

Every bead, every stitch, every embellishment and flower is created and finished by hand. I actually watched a flower come into shape from a piece of material – it was beyond amazing. It's done quickly, but with care. At the House of Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool are so strict in their inspection that even if there is 1 thread out of place, they start all over again. I was told, “A bride will never receive a dress from any of our collection that is less than perfect. She deserves nothing less that a dress that is 100% perfect.”

There is so much more to share about this process and I will soon. But it’s time to start sharing bridal market. I want to thank Amsale and her amazing team who gave me this unique opportunity to see it from start to finish. Tomorrow the Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool collections


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