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Fresh, clean and clear skin with Dr. Neil Sadick and Lumixyl


I’m sure spring is just around the corner, or at least that’s what the calendar says. So while we are in the in-between phase, why not take this time to get your skin looking the best it can. I know my skin is having a ‘moment’, so I when I was offered the opportunity to try a product that would help ‘clear-up’ my skin, as well as speak with someone who could help, I jumped on it. I’m really lucky to have Dr. Neil Sadick (a doctor who holds five board certifications from internal medicine to dermatology) answer how to get the blushing bride (and this writer) flawless skin.

Discoloration, sun spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation all add years to your complexion and I know you're looking for flawless wedding day skin. Before, the only place to turn was hydroquinone, but this topical treatment has come under intense fire for potentially dangerous side effects. Because of its suspected toxicity, many women can not get proper treatment for their skin. Enter Lumixyl, a new topical treatment.

Dr. Sadick what are your 'suggestions/recommendations' for brides who want a 'flawless look (from eating healthy to skin products)?

Getting medical advice is always recommended as each person may have health and dietary needs unique to their own lifestyle and eating habits so these recommendations are generalization. However, because brides range from 21-51, I’m going to answer this for women under 35 and those who are over 35.
For Brides under age 35:
Low fat foods, anti oxidants, sunblock, high potency antioxidants such as reservatrol, coffeeberry and idebenone, anti inflammatory creams like Capture Totale.

For Brides over age 35:
Botox and fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, LED light treatments, blue/red light diode treatments, chemical peels and also all above noted recommendations. Niacin and soy are two good product ingredients to look for as well.

{writers two-cents: Not everyone needs or wants a product that will 'freeze' your face. Remember you want your pictures to reflect the natrual beauty that you have; if that means a 'wisdom-line' or two, so be it}

What abut the bride that wants to clean up any blotches (sun spots, hyperpigentation, melasma) on her face, or to remove these same discolorations from her back if she opts to wear a backless dress on her wedding day?

I would recommend they try any of the following: a light peel, salicylic acid/alpha hydroxyl acid, q-switched laser, first generation Fraxel laser treatments. Products containing vitamin a, hydroquinone, Lumixyl. Some of these products are by prescription, so you need to see a dermatologist.

What if the bride has sensitive (very fair/light) skin? What should she do to clean, protect and minimize her skin issues 3, 6, 9, 12 months out?

9-12 months - begin using topical preparation w/hydroquinone, lumixyl.
6 months- Light chemical peels
3 months –Q-switched or Fraxel laser

The bottom line is everyone, but especially fair-skinned women should use sun block every day w/high potency antioxidants everyday.

What if the bride has dark skin (African American/women of color)? Shoud they use the same products and follow the same protocol?

Women of color have a different and in some cases more sensitive skin. While I would recommend the same program I would NOT recommend that they use Q-switched. This is not good or their skin type. However I want to stress that every women, including women of color, should also be sure to use a sunscreen everyday.

Any suggestions for brides for a "quick" skin care fix – for a bride getting married in 30 days?
I would recommend either IPL treatments or light chemical peels like the Vi-Peel or Jessner’s peel.

So there you have it. Honestly I think a great facial is wonderful and I love them, but my own personal dermatologist (not Dr. Sadick) is on my speed dial for emergencies. In full disclosure, when I was offered to try Luumixl to clear up some dark spots on my own skin, I was really skeptical as my skin is uber-sensitive, and I'm 'over 35' when skin turnover is slower. You know you hear about miracle products that work every day right? After 3 weeks, I can honestly see the difference. The dark spots are much lighter and at least 2 are completely faded away. I’m loving this product!!

Dr. Sadick has been featured on the major morning news shows and publications from The New York Times, Allure, Self, Marie Claire, Bride, O: The Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health and many others.

If you want to set up your own consultation he has two offices.
911 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021 - 212.772.7242

833 Northern Blvd, Great Neck NY 11021 - 516.482.8040
Feel free to visit his site for more information


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