Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adele Wechsler: 2010 Eco-couture in bloom

Citing the recent natural disasters like the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and now the volcano in Iceland, “these humble society, unite us and remind us how inextricably connected to nature we are.” says Adele Weschsler “I am inspired by humanities cal to help those in need, who sacrifice and do whatever it takes to answer the call and make a difference in peoples lives.”

This collection by Adele Wechsler reflects it’s dedication to the swell of the ocean, the perfect folds and graceful curves of the petals of a blooming flower.

The new Chrysalis concept was inspired by the modern bride’s desire to be traditionally formal for the ceremony, but to debut at the reception in a gown that is chic, sassy, and appropriate for a true celebration! The word Chrysalis is taken from the delicate process of when a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly. In other words as a bride you’re getting two for the price of one: good for the environment and your wallet.

Taking one of the top 10 green wedding tips from Adele, “Wearing a GREEN gown doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Wearing a gown made by Adele Wechsler is made from sustainable fabrics, vegetable dyes, and fair trade labor which makes going green look glam!”

Adele mentioned her new partnership with AVEDA and the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte NC, who will soon announce their LEED Certification. The hotel has asked Adele to design the costume for the hotel’s mascot: Mother Nature. So I suggest you buy an Adele gown, have the team of AVEDA style your hair and makeup all the while having your wedding and reception at the Ritz Carlton. Sounds eco friendly chic to me.
There will be an upcoming trunk show at the Designer Loft April 30-May 2. Call for an appointment 212-944-9013.

Fabric trends: Hemp and silk, silk organza, silk chiffon, hemp and blend organdy, vegetable dyed silk

Color trends: Flax, lavender, lemon, limestone, alabaster, clay stone, sandstone, desert, pale rose, sea foam, a-line and ball gown.

Style trends: wrapped strapless empire bodice, petals that form layers, asymmetric yoke, draping at the yoke, sleeveless tank bodice and trumpet skirt.

For more information, please visit her site Adel Wechsler.


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