Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fall Fashion Week: the beginning of the end

Richard Chai Fall 2010

It seems the final Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park will go down in the fashion record books. Record-breaking snow storm just days before the final show begins, and then the untimely death of a designer have set a tone that won’t soon be forgotten. While it may have started off slow, true to fashion (pun intended) it’s been a smokin’ first few days. With so much going on, I’m going to share just some of the highlights now. There will be some interviews and surprises in the coming weeks.

Richard Chai was the first show I attended and his LOVE collection is pure fluid-motion. If you are the kind of girl that loves floor-length skirts and buttoned-up shirts with a sweater thrown over for the ‘layered look’ then his collection is for you. This look creates a long, lean elegance and the soft grays, coppers and greens were fitting ‘comfortable’ colors. There were quite a few outerwear garments but the boyfriend coat was truly a favorite for many. How could I tell, there was lots of nodding and oooh-ahhhs going on. Richard’s collection captures “nonchalant elegance”.

My next stop was Ports 1961 and I loved, loved every piece in the collection. Tia Cibani described the collection as “inspired by the relationship between discovery and invention”. There were surprises at every turn. Some of her coats were backless and asymmetric cuts, yet all were strong fabrics and styles.

So what do these two designers have to do with bridal (I know you’re asking)? There is a fluidity of movement that we’ve seen with gowns last season and I believe that this style will continue. Not taking anything away from ball gowns, the trend seems to be movement and gowns that move like pure liquid and feel like (and probably are) silk.

The La Perla event was wonderful and I was able to view their newest collections. Inspired by “Film Noir” and the iconic women of the 1940’s Hollywood, this collection was an ode to both the mystery and dramatic beauties of this glamorous era.
La Perla Studio collection is a modern, dynamic and metropolitan style that featured lace and various textures.
La Perla Villa Toscana, is designed for the woman who appreciated luxury and timeless casual elegance. These are soft luxe cottons with beautiful details in silk and satin.

Ladies I promise you these are the type of undergarments you want to wear before, the day of and every day after your wedding.

While there is always a lot of excitement the first day of Fashion week, the 2010 Fall season was deeply sadden by the sudden and apparent suicide of Alexander McQueen. Mr. McQueen’s designs were years ahead of his time and way before ‘Lady Gaga’s unique style. Some would say that his ascent in fashion was meteoric and in some ways it was. While others would challenge his style, no one would dispute that he was talented, kind and incredible visionary. He truly walked on the very edge of fashion, mixed fantasy and reality creating the “WOW” factor. There may never be another like his, and he will be sorely missed.

There are lots more shows to write about, as well as lots more to see. I really have loved my first few days under the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent. There are still lots more to see and so much more to tell you. However, let me share some of the color trends that may carry over to your bridesmaids dresses, or your event location:
Stainless Steel, Copper, Shimmer Black, Royal Blue, Cargo Green and Warm Burgundy.
Looks to consider for yourself or your bridal party: Off the shoulder, layers that equal fluid layers, cut-outs and peak-a-boo lace.

More to come....


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