Friday, October 23, 2009

Not your bubbies wedding...

Ketubah by Daniel Sroka Designs

I don’t want to portray myself as an expert on all things Jewish, but I do love the beauty, tradition and history when I attend a Jewish wedding. I can appreciate the breaking of the glass, the terrified look while participating in the ‘Hora’ and other traditions that are, well, just for someone of this faith. I wanted to honor this tradition with sharing some wonderful information that I’ve been proud to gather.

What happens when JDate actually works? That was the predicament Sara Marcus found herself in when she first became engaged. While print and online wedding resources abound, she found that none specifically addressed the needs of planning a Jewish wedding. So being enterprising, she created one. is for those faced with questions like “Where do I get a ketubah?” “What Jewish traditions should I incorporate in to my wedding?” “And what exactly is the Mezinka Dance?” is a one-stop resource for Jewish wedding planning needs; from finding vendors, to researching traditions, to connecting with others who are sharing the same experience. You’ll find a group of Jewish brides from Unaffiliated to Orthodox who blog about their wedding planning from engagement to wedding day, vendors, DIY projects and a lot more. What I particularily loved was the beauty of traditions and customs. Everything from AufRuf to Yichud is demystified with straightforward definitions.

“ is the resource I wish I had when I was planning my own wedding,” says Founder Sara Marcus. “It truly fills a void. I believe it will become the premiere destination for couples planning a Jewish wedding.”

There is a wonderful vendor who does the best Ketubahs I’ve ever seen.
Couples from all different religions and cultures have embrace the Jewish wedding tradition and its beauty. I think it’s a wonderful daily reminder of the vows you have made to each other on your wedding.

Daniel Sroka is an artist and designer who creates fine art wedding ketubahs from his collection of abstract photography of nature. While I am not expert in the Jewish Wedding tradition, I do know a work of art when I see one. With one of Daniel’s creations you will have a unique and meaningful daily reminder of your love and promises made. In my opinion they are simply beautiful. As a lover of photography and flowers, I think has some that are truly breathtaking.

I happen to love They are a Judaica and Jewish Gifts Shop that brings modern design to Jewish lives. They also have lists of Wedding contracts, a Jewish registry, guides and tons of great information.

Some of the beautiful articles they have for sale are:

* Ring Bearer Bowl from Paloma's Nest -- specially made for ModernTribe with the Hebrew word "Ahava" which means love.

* DIY Jewish Wedding invitation templates -- modern designs that are customizable and can be printed out at home so brides & grooms can use their own paper, embellishments and have beautiful wedding stationary at a low cost.

artdecoDiamondsI know this is just the very tip of the many sites and blogs that you may have information on. I do happen to have to give a shout out to ‘Not Your Bubbes Kitchen’: who taught me how to make a proper chicken soup, and my dear Sue and Stuart of who have helped me pick out some beautiful bridal bling.

To all my friends of this beautiful faith I say Mazel Tov.
L'Chaim to you all.

For more info: Modern Ketubah : fine art ketubot inspired by nature -
Daniel Sroka Designs LLC : v/f 866-285-0164
Art Deco Diamonds Toll Free: 1-877-321-3326 (DECO)

If you know of an ethnic group, site, organization or vendor that you think I should profile, let me know.


matanel said...

it is amazing how you cn improve the traditional wedding with those kind of tips. i love the artical it gave ma alot to think before i am planing my wedding

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