Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing MinnaK...

Minna K
Sandra Nyanchoka from America's Next Top Model

For the last four days, I've been in the midst of bridal market. It's just like fashion week, only a lot more tulle, lace, silk and bridal-bling. This is also the time when buyers, magazine editors will be viewing the spring 2010 designs and preparing the photos that you will see in their upcoming magazine issues. I can't wait to be able to share with you the experience of meeting some of the top people in the business and their insights.

Before I get to my first designer MinnaK, I must share the inside SCOOP that I received from Get Married Magazine. If you don't have a copy, it's on stands now. Becca Leish, director of marketing told me that Get Married is "marrying WE TV" beginning Jan 2010. That's right, you'll be able to now find your favorite bridal show on the 'WE' chanel, Saturdays beginning at 9:30AM. I was so thrilled to be able to post that news on twitter last night and now all of you know. I'll have more with Becca as well as Stacie Francombe, the president of Get Married in a few days. With out further haste...

There are so many wonderful designers out there and then there are ‘the names’. You know like: Oscar, Vera, Amsale, Monique... Their very names symbolize grace, elegance, and quality. I was very lucky to meet a new designer (during Fashion week, but I wanted to introduce her to you now while in bridal market) who I’m sure will soon join the ‘first-name club. It is an honor to introduce you to MinnaK.

What are the 'hot' types of gowns are girls asking for (either type of material (cotton, silk) style, shape etc.)?

Girls usually ask for custom - they want to design their own gowns, or mix one part of one style with another. The majority of brides go for strapless with a-line skirt or ball-gown type silhouettes. I don't generally design this type of gown since there are so many out there. Plus I am more into clean, modern, sexy, clingy type of gowns. Not all my gowns are like this, but this is what I am more known for.

What motivated you to do a 'bridal line' and what is your inspiration?

When I was apprenticing in Paris and doing a study abroad program at The Paris Fashion Institute, I had the opportunity to attend couture shows. I absolutely fell in love with the art of fashion. I carried this with me when I moved to New York, and after studying at Parsons School of Design, I worked under a bridal house - Amsale. She became my mentor. To see the beauty and craft of each gown being made was inspirational. This is how I began doing bridal. Once in awhile I would veer off and do other dresses (as you saw in the show), but from now on, I'm focusing heavily on bridal and evening wear. That's where my passion lies.

My main inspiration is Vionnet. She is my favorite designer, and she is known for Grecian style bias cut gowns. I refer to her when I design my gowns.

Do you use 'natural fabrics/are you eco - if yes why and what other ways do you think a bride be more 'environmentally friendly?

I am not eco but I do use natural fabrics. 99.9% of the wedding gowns in my last collection were silk and lined in silk. I love the organic aspect of natural fabrics, and the way that they feel. Things that come from nature is beautiful to me.

How long does it take to create a dress and what are your price ranges?

I usually ask for at least three months, longer for custom. I am still a small design house, but more established design houses need 6 months or more to create the gown for one bride. It's labor intensive but worth it in the end. My bridal collection starts at $2100.00

Anything else you want the readers to know about your designs?
If a bride is interested in any of the bridal rtw, they can contact Kleinfeld Bridal, or contact me directly. My information is located at minnak.com

I enjoyed the freshness and modesty of both MinnaK and her designs. If you are looking for young sophistication, that is flirty, and YOU are wearing the dress, not the other way around, please check her out.


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