Thursday, October 29, 2009

A floral bouquet that's nothin' to sneeze at.

photos with permission from BeeGee Bags

Let's face it, there are never enough shoes or bags in your closet. For you or your bridesmaids, this is one of the nicest dual gifts I’ve come across. They can use this instead of flowers (this will save on your floral budget) and something they will use time and time again. The vintage clasps, lots of fabrics to pick from as well as custom orders – what more could a bag-a-holic ask for?

I met the owner of BeeGee Bags, Ms. Brooke Galardi and actually saw her purses before I saw her. I literally stopped in my tracks, mouth dropped open and she simply smiled. I guess that happens a lot, but that didn’t phase her. You can tell a lot about a designer by their modesty.

So Brooke, why would a bride choose you vs. another company?

We offer something totally unique to the bridal accessories market with our graphic clutches. They add color, pattern, and a little spunk to an all too mono-stylistic bridal clutch market. In addition, we work with our brides to select the right fabric, whether we have it in stock or whether we have to go out to our haunts to find it. Also, we offer discounts on orders of 5 or more bags which makes purchasing for the whole bridal party less oppressive.

What is your turn around time, and what are the minimums they can order?

Our turn around time for a bridal order is usually 2-4 weeks (although we've been known to scoot out a set of bags in 24 hours for the hyper procrastinating bride). They can order as many or as few as they desire.

What else would you like to share with brides/couples that they may not know?

We are a husband and wife design shop. We love working on custom orders because it gives us an opportunity to stay up to date with bridal trends and fashion. And we love adding a little bit of flashy style to the wedding day. As an aside, all of our clutches are designed and finished in house. The are sewn by a group of stay at home mothers working from their gives everyone an opportunity to have some work/art in their lives while staying accessible to their young kids.

Are you looking for something super special to give to your bridesmaids that you know they will love…look no further. BeeGee Bags have it all…in the bag. Contact Brooke at


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