Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm going to the market-Bridal Market, want to come?

OMG, there is so much going already.  Actually, last night I attended 3 bridal pre-events and if truth be told, I have 35 fashion shows and events to attend in the next 3 days.  While I do have a few that will happen through next week, this will be a world-wind kind of weekend.  So what am I grateful for?
1 - It's not raining anymore YIPPIE!!

2 - I have a few backstage meetings with designers that I know you will love.  I can't wait to write them up and share them with you.

3 - This years collection will in many ways reflect the tone and colors of fashion week.  I can tell you that Alfred Angelo will be using yummy colors like Coral, Rasberry, Navy, Latte in his bridesmaids collections.

4 - You are reading my entries.

I know you have your choice of columns (sounds like an airline speech huh?!), but I want you to know that I honestly, truly appreciate you reading mine.  THANK YOU!!!

So...I've got to get read, but check out my tweets @bridalease for up to the moment shows and events.  Just like Fashion Week, I want you to feel like you are right in the front row with me.


halline said...

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