Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing: Rafael Cennamo White Couture - 2010

Rafael Cennamo White Couture 2010
The designer Rafael Cennamo

Nothing gives me more excitement than introducing you to a “relatively new” designer in the bridal market. Recently, I attended a small showing of his collection and honestly, blown away. His designs have already found their way onto the red carpets and on the bodies of lots of celebrities. I know you’ve seen some of his evening-wear on stars like Toni Colette, Vanessa Williams and the new Mrs. Carrie Underwood-Fisher, and wondered “who is Rafael Cennamo?” Well, allow me to introduce you to the next rising star in bridal couture – Rafael Cennamo.

Born in Venezuela and armed with a strong Italian background, Rafael Cennamo defines the new guard of contemporary couture. Since 2001, Cennamo has been designing and generating attention from both media and celebrities who appreciate his eye for detail and reinterpretations of classic silhouettes.

Fueled by his passion for modern glamour, Cennamo designs with a classic eye, but sees through a contemporary lens. A self-described dreamer, Cennamo isn’t afraid to modernize “princess-like” gowns with edgier structure and body-conscious sensuality. Nowhere is this clearer than in Rafael Cennamo 2010 White Couture. In this his first exclusive bridal collection, the brilliance of his lines are showcased in their purest forms, without color or distraction. Here luxurious fabrics and impeccable detailing meet a delicate persuasion towards decadence; and Cennamo’s brand truly becomes the modern fairytale, one where rock and royalty collide.

I can’t wait until the new 2011 collection is complete and I promise to bring it to you as soon as it happens. Honestly, his passion and modern approach is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

For more info: You can find his collection in select Neiman Marcus stores and other high-end stores worldwide. I hear that there are plans to open boutiques in both New York and Miami, but no launch date has been formally announced...yet.


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