Monday, December 7, 2009

Italian bridal couture by Acquachiara for US brides

Acuachiara  bridal collection
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There are some new to the US designers that will blow you away, but none are more spectacular than
Acquachiara. Their couture designs drape a bride to emphasize the neckline, ribbons and bows, with touches that remind you of pure European elegance. There are crystals that look like dewdrops and floral clusters that look so real you almost smell the roses. Acquachiara is a vision and their garden theme uses innovative style with a contemporary twist.

{Take a look at the slide show to see their top designs}

These high-end wedding gowns, entirely handmade in Italy with precious Italian materials, have been created since 1985. Every dress is the dedicated study of the quality of the fabrics and harmony of the shapes, with the highest attention to the smallest detail. How can you feel anything less than a princess in one of these dresses? Like each unique bride, the collection has its own history, personality and spirit.

Made to measure, each order is a one-of-a-kind making every gown as unique as your wedding day and just as special. Unique, distinct and very personal you can rest assured that you feel the amoré. This is their first venture to the US market and we are so lucky to have them here.

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