Monday, November 23, 2009

Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool 2010 perfection

Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool
Photo with permission from Amsale

There is enough pressure to design one collection but when you design three… I can't even begin to imagine. Somehow, this designer makes it all seem so easy. While each has their own unique style, they are all apart of the creative vision of the one and only, Amsale.

In her Fall 2010 collection, Amsale has redefined chic through her use of modern fabrics, architectural details and unique floral treatments. Her gowns are for the bride who is, above all, an individualist. It is the delicate dance, a balance of timeless and modern, both reaching a perfect blend down to the smallest detail.

Amsale sees Christos as a natural extension of her own collection, as both are rooted in classic timelessness. A romantic at heart, she reveres Christos as a venue for her more traditional side. In opposition to the modern aesthetic, which defines the Amsale collection, Christos evokes a feeling of fairy-tale, femininity, and romance.

With Kenneth Pool, Amsale’s collection embodies glamour, femininity and drama with all of their grand ball gowns, luxurious fabrics and bead-work. Each gown of course contain couture details catering to the brides need to be in the spotlight.

There is just so much to love, each collection is so distinctive, yet the quality and flare is consistent in them all. Amsale has the ability to make sure that each collection, Christos, Kenneth Pool and her signature brand Amsale, all meet, no exceed expectations of the woman that decides to wear one.

For more information, visit Amslae at their flagship salon at 625 Madison Avenue, 2nd floor. Do call for an appointment (212) 583-1700.

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