Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shoes go ski-high at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week photo by Lisa M. Barr
All photos with permission of Lisa M. Barr

There are shoes, and then there are SHOES. I don’t know any woman (and some men) who wouldn’t love to strut their stuff down the fashion runway at least once in their life. It was evident to me by the number of people who were not only attending the Mercedes-Benz show at the tent in Bryant Park, but were waiting to catch a glimpse of those who were.

Yes there was the plethora of celebrities, fashion icons, and those in the fashion industry who are using these days to bring out their best fashion-wear. It’s not only the fashion in the tent that caught my eye, but also the fashion on the street that was equally as amazing.

Let’s talk about the heel. Some say that high heel were invented by Leonardo da Vinci around 1500 and were worn only by nobility. Around 1660 shoe maker Nicholas Lestage, designed the first heel that was over four-inches for Louis XIV. It wasn’t until 1904 that the ladies’ ‘pump’ a British invention reached America and around 1955 when the ‘stiletto’ became all the fashion rage. Thank you England!

Today you see the wide range from flat, to platform, to the ultimate in dream shoe Manolo , Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin not only on models but women who love shoes. Many brides have choose one of these designer shoes for their wedding including, yours truly. Manolo was my man, and I danced in his 4.5 inch heels all night long. What I discovered is that a ‘good shoe’, no matter the height is comfortable.

Of course I don’t know if you would wear any of these for your wedding, but they are absolutely fun to look at. What you should remember is to never be a slave to fashion, wear the proper size, make sure they are comfortable, and YOU own the shoe, not the other way around.


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