Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You can eat, pray and your bridal party will love these gifts

Eat, Pray Love
Eat, Pray, Love - the key to finding your own happiness
The book by Elizabeth Gilbert, that swept across the literary world and had some woman booking their own trips to “Eat, Pray, Love”, has surely created another opportunity for gifts for your bridal party as their share your own adventure to love.

Fresh, known for their wonderful soaps, scrubs, and prettily wrapped gift items, has a new trio of fragrances that are inspired by the movie. Eat – lemon, basil and bergamot = sweet wine and desert anyone? Pray – spices and fragrances of India = exotic spices and silky undertones that embodies India’s serene sunsets and incense-laced warm wind. Love – Jasmine, mango blossoms that will instantly take you to the South Seas. I’m sure you can find a fragrance that will match each of your bridal party.

Dogeared my favorite eco-friendly company that brought you inspired SATC2 jewels, has designed yet another beautiful collection. The essence of EPL resonated with Dogeared whose philosophy is “Life is a journey”.

“Designing Eat, Pray, Love by Dogeared has been a profound and challenging adventure. We are huge dogearedfans of the book, and feel that it truly relates to what we do at Dogeared every day. It was important for us to create pieces that really reflect the beauty and honesty of this story. We wanted to offer fans of the book something they can connect with, to wear and take on their own personal journeys,” commented Marcia Maizel-Clarke, Dogeared’s founder. “It was a natural connection, because so much of Dogeared’s point of view is already aligned with the meaning and the message behind Eat, Pray, Love. We took our modern, handmade aesthetic, Earth-friendly materials, and quotes and inspiration from the book; and designed an extensive collection that evokes the spirit of Elizabeth Gilbert’s remarkable story.

With a blend of some of their classics, like the Make a Wish necklace and charm, they have created everything from bookmarks, journals luggage tags, travel bags, and of course gems to be worn and adored. In my opinion, these are wonderful no matter where your wedding is, but if you are planning a destination wedding, these extremely affordable gifts would be a perfect way to start your bridal party on their own adventure. You can purchase them from their site but know that Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Cusp, Bloomingdales, Fred Segal, ABC Home, and Scoop also sell them.

Finally, with so many lovely teas on the market, if you are planning a 'Eat, Pray, Love' themed shower, then you simply must have tea to go with it. I actually sampled it at the NYC Food Show a few weeks ago and it’s quite good. Made with succulent blood oranges from Italy, smooth black tea from India and heart-warming cinnamon from Indonesia a perfect blend. Try it iced for a cool refreshing drink.
Ahhhh, I do feel love in the air, I’m totally at peace and pass the pasta – with two forks of course.


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